About Bob Keefer

keeferBob Keefer has successfully completed the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor’s course.  Bob has successfully completed the DOT EC/IR II operator’s course.  The EC/IR II is the evidential breath test device used by Virginia since around 2008.  Bob has lectured about the EC/IR II to other Lawyers.  Bob actually has an EC/IR.

A wise Judge told Bob: “ A good Lawyer knows the Law. A great Lawyer knows the Judge.”  What the Judge meant by that statement was you need to know what arguments and facts the Judge likes and then, if they exist in your case, present them to him or her.  Good lawyers try to learn what the Judge wants, what the Judge expects and what the Judge requires to dismiss or reduce the charge(s).

You always want a local lawyer to try or at least help with your case.  Bob is that local lawyer.