Tulisa Contostavlos gets a DUI

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Can a Lawyer help with a DUI: Tulisa Contostavlos is an English singer, songwriter and former X Factor Judge.  As a member of N-Dubz Tulisa was part of a band that produced many top 25 hits, a platinum album and numerous award nominations.  As an X Factor Judge she mentored Little Mix, Ella Henderson and Lucy Spraggan.  Tulisa is currently working on a career comeback teaming up with former X Factor second place winner, Rebecca Ferguson.  She and Ferguson have enlisted grammy winning producer Brian Rawlings to produce their music.  Rawlings has great credentials, having produced for Cher, Tina Turner, Enrique Iglesias and One DirectionTulisa has also some movie roles.

Can a Lawyer help with a DUI: In March of 2017, Tulisa was charged with drink driving, the English version of DUI or DWI, and dangerous driving, the English version of reckless driving.  Tulisa crashed her brand new, two hundred thousand pound, Ferrari into a Saab containing an elderly couple.  Tulisa has had a history of substance abuse issues, having beat a 2014 drug charge by going to trial and winning.


Can a Lawyer help with a DUI: Hopefully Tulisa understood that talking to law enforcement is something one should never do.  Hopefully she told the police: “I want a Lawyer. If I am not under arrest, please let me go.”  Hopefully she also refused the roadside tests designed to make her look guilty.  These are typically offered as “Will you do some tests to see if you are safe to drive?”  No one ever passes these tests.  If they are giving you these tests, they have already decided to arrest you.