Bachelor Chris Soules Hit & Run

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Hit & Run:  Chris Soules aka Christoper Douglas Soules gained public attention by appearing in The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars.  Soules is also a fourth generation farmer from Arlington, Iowa.  He grew up playing football and track at his local high school and participating in FFA.  Soules graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agricultural Studies.

Hit & Run: Soules did well on The Bachelorette however his female partner balked at living in Iowa with him.  She enjoyed riding the tractor in one segment but felt being a city girl made down on the farm a bad choice for her.  Soules did well on The Bachelor, got engaged but that engagement ended.  In late April, 2017, Soules ran into the back of a tractor driven by a local farmer.  The local farmer died at the scene.  Soules was later charged with felony hit & run.  There is some contention over who called 911 but Soules’ lawyers maintain that he made the call.  Soules’  counsel also maintain that Soules adminstered CPR to the victim who unfortunately was unresponsive.  Soules made the correct decision to have his lawyers respond to law enforcement questions.  Talking to law enforcement, especially when you are innocent is always a terrible idea.