Jason Snelling arrested for DWI

On July 25, 2015 the headlines read Jason Snelling arrested for DWI.  Jason Snelling is known for being a running back for the NFL Atlanta Falcons.  Snelling played his entire NFL career for the Falcons.  Snelling played for the University of Virginia while in college.  Snelling lead the ACC in rushing during the 2005 season.  He is fifth in UVA’s history for rushing average.  During his time at UVA Snelling was diagnosed with epilepsy. Jason Snelling arrested for DWI:  After his amazing college career at UVA, Snelling was picked up by the Falcons in the 2007 NFL draft.  Snelling’s rushing led the Falcons to their first back to back winning seasons.  Snell retired from the NFL in 2014. Jason Snelling arrested for DWI:  Snelling’s arrest for DWI was the fourth arrest for Snelling in Gwinnett, Georgia.  In 2008 Snelling was charged with driving with a suspended license.  In 2009, Snelling was charged with driving suspended with no insurance. In September, 2014, Snelling was again charged with driving suspended. Jason Snelling arrested for DWI:  The details of Snelling’s DWI arrest were vague but seemed to involve improper stopping in an intersection.  Hopefully Snelling understood that he is not required to talk with law enforcement and can assert that right by asking for a Lawyer.  Hopefully Snelling realized that he did not have to consent to a search of his body by a field sobriety test. Snelling was in the NFL for seven years as a running back.  During that time he was tackled repeatedly.  Snelling had to have suffered concussions in the course of his high school, college and professional...

Pitt DE Rori Blair charged with DUID

Pitt DE Rori Blair charged with DUID:  On March 15, 2015, Pittsburgh Defensive End Rori Blair was stopped for traveling 117 miles per hour in an 55 mile per hour zone.  A Pennsylvania Trooper, near the Fort Pitt Bridge on Parkway East stopped Blair.  The Trooper smelled a strong odor of marijuana on Blair’s breath and noted that Blair had bloodshot, glassy eyes at 3:30 a.m.  The media did not explain what, if any objective scoring system was used to classify what the Trooper smelled as “strong”.  Law Enforcement also failed to provide any documentation on the level of accuracy in this Trooper’s smell identifications. Pitt DE Rori Blair charged with DUID: Blair was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, speeding, careless driving, reckless driving and failure to wear a seatbelt.  The Trooper arrested Blair and took him to UPMC Mercy Hospital for a blood draw.  According to law enforcement, Blair’s blood test had revealed the presence of cannabinoids.  The media was not aware of when that test result was obtained or when it was provided to the Trooper.  Blair made news during his high school football career at Upper St. Clair High School because he suffered a stroke his junior year.  At first Blair believed that he would never play football again; however, he returned as a starter his senior year.  Blair obviously played well enough to join the University of Pittsburgh Football team. Hopefully Blair will retain the services of a good lawyer who understands the problems with blood testing for the presence of marijuana.  Hopefully Blair will retain a lawyer who understands that marijuana...

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